Regretably, due to falling altcoin returns, closed down on 12th September 2019. If you wish to continue POS Mining then take a look at BTCPOP

How does it all work?

Unlike normal crypto mining, POS Wallet Mining does not require any expensive hardware, complicated software, processing power or mining contracts. All you need to do is deposit some coins into one of our POS Wallets and then sit back and let your investment generate new coins for you.

Join forces to earn more

We run our wallet daemons 24x7 so that you don't have to and by combining your coins with other investors you will receive more frequent earnings than if you would by going it alone, similar to traditional pooled mining.

Bit like bank interest!

To summarise, Proof Of Stake (POS) mining is a little bit like earning interest in a bank, simply deposit your coins into your account and earn rewards (interest) while you hold them.

Where can I get POS coins from?

If you do not currently have any POS crypto coins to deposit then there a number of crypto currency exchange websites that allow their purchase using Fiat currencies or Bitcoin, Etheruem, etc. Examples of these are Bittrex, Cryptopia, Yobit, BleuTrade and Livecoin

Deposit Coins

Deposit your coins to your
allocated wallet address

Deposits will become confirmed after 25 confirmations in order to stop pool hopping.

No fee's on deposits

Earn Rewards

Sit back and
earn rewards

Any rewards earned by the POS wallet are shared proportionally between all investors

10% fee on rewards found

Withdraw At Any Time

Withdraw your coins and
earnings at any time

You can withdraw your coins at any time

No fee's on withdrawals